Who is Trichome Institute?

Max Montrose (President)

Max Montrose is the cannabis industry’s authoritative voice and a key educational advisor to the government, business, and public sectors for cannabis-related projects.  Max specializes in cannabis safety, education, and awareness. He works with lawyers, doctors, and scientists in the cannabis industry to understand, discover, and educate people about the truths and complexities of the cannabis plant. Max is the co-founder of a cannabis education company, The Trichome Institute, which specializes in providing a certifiable cannabis curriculum for professionals and fun cannabis educational tools for recreational users. Max is also helping with a scientific project to map the cannabis genome.


[In-terp-en-ing], verb. The Art and Science of the Cannabis Sommelier: Analyzing flower for quality, effect, and variety type.
Interpening was developed by Max Montrose in 2008. Since it’s inception, Trichome Institute has hosted dozens of workshops teaching individuals from all around the world, including celebrities, industry veterans, and novices who are simply interested in learning more about cannabis. Interpening covers the spectrum of cannabis types and quality unlike any other program. We bring samples of flower to analyze all acceptable and unacceptable characteristics and discuss how to communicate the qualities with others.
Wine sommelier, cicerones, mongers, and coffee cuppers have perfected their palates to dissect, grade, certify, and relay their expertise to the world. Trichome Institute is the first to bring the level of perfection and expertise to the world of cannabis.