About Us

Medical marijuana is in its 10th year here in Michigan, operating the entire time with no quality control and no regulations for product testing. Patients had no way to gauge the quality of their cannabis. Michigan has recently passed regulations for businesses to operate legally, creating an even greater need for credible sources for education and training along with standards of quality. The cannabis industry in this country is going to continue to grow and expand. With our experience and love of cannabis, we can help people get the education and proper training that is needed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help educate people the true qualities of cannabis and promote safe, responsible, legal cannabis use everywhere.

Our Plan

Our plan is to use science and facts to help stop the spread of mis-information that originated from black market & unreliable sources. To provice credible and reliable sources of education and certifcation programs to promote a resonsible and safe cannabis industry. To promote standards of quality for cannabis utilizing TAGTM: Trichome Assurance Grade, the world's first and only cannabis quality certification.

Our Vision

Our vision is for a cannabis industry that is responsible, safe and legal. With everyone being educated on the facts and science behind cannabis, people everywhere will have a better understandng of how amzaing this plant really is!

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